Rake Test / PostgreSQL database ownership

Hi Guys,

Is it normal for Rails to create and delete the test database during
rake tests? It seems to be case when I started to run it.

Is there a way for the Rails not to create and delete databases during
testing? I am little uncomfortable granting that much power to the
rails user for testing - I would rather that it use the existing
database and just delete/recreate tables instead.

  • Rilindo

Testing is all about creating and destroying data. And you may learn
soon that the best thing to do is to have a separate database for
testing. Read the paragraph 2.1 of this page for a better

2009/7/28 rilindo foster [email protected]:

In database.yml you can specify a different user for test and
production. The production user can then just have whatever
permissions he requires to run the app.


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