Rake tasks to copy files?

How/when are the files in my engine’s public folder copied over into

Is there a rake task or something I can call to transfer it over? I
looked but I’m feeling that I might be missing something…

Thanks again.

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They are copied over each time fastcgi, or whatever core serving
process, is
spawned. This is done automatically.

If you view in your log files, you will see that after a fresh restart,
log files will have make record of all files copied over.

I haven’t yet come across where this is done specifically in the code,
as long as you have the Engines.start :my_engine, your files will be
over, and the app/model, app/controllers, etc will be added to the load


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The files are called whenever the engine is ‘started’, i.e. whenever
your environment.rb file is loaded. If any of the files have not
changed, they will be skipped.

It shouldn’t be too hard to write a rake task which calls the
appropriate methods from the Engines plugin, but would there be a
point (since loading th engines plugin requires the Rails environment,
which in turn means that environment.rb gets loaded and the files are
sync’d anyway ;-))


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Thanks again.

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