Rake tasks db:test:prepare cannot be executed in the same task of db:reset or db:migrate

Hey all,
I’m trying to create a task that prepare the environment to start
To do so, I created a task like this task :setup_env => [‘db:reset’,
‘db:migrate’, ‘db:test:prepare’]
and observed that after execute *
rake setup_env*, it never execute db:test:prepare properly. In order to
the schema cloned to test db, I have to execute rake
db:test:preparemanually after
rake setup_env
I also noticed that if I also write the task like *task :setup_env =>
[‘db:reset’, ‘db:test:prepare’] *or task :setup_env => [‘db:migrate’,
it still skips db:test:prepare.
Instead of using task dependency, I also tried executing
Rake::Task[‘db:test:prepare’] and it doesn’t execute as well.

Does anyone have an idea?