Rake task rails:upgrade:check is not working on windows. Rai

Is there any solution to solve the problem of rake task
rails:upgrade:check on windows ?

I am getting this error …

Rake task fetching failed with (working directory:

rake aborted! no such file to load – popen4
‘raw_load_rakefile’ (See full trace by running task with --trace)


To solve out this problem i have installed this gems …

gem install POpen4 -v 0.1.4
gem install win32-open3
gem install rak

But still not able to get proper output …

Is there any solution to run rake task rails:upgradeLcheck on windows ??

Is it causing problem with rak or popen4 ??

So your running this? GitHub - rails/rails_upgrade: Plugin to run checks on your Rails 2.x/3.x to check for obvious upgrade points on the path to 3.0
and after you installed those missing gems running “rake
rails:upgrade:check” worked just fine?