Rake slowness on NFS

Is there any further work going into speeding up the basic startup time
of rake?

I have a dreamhost shared account I do some minor development on and
due to what I assume is NFS issues rake -T takes a minute and 8 seconds
to complete. Which means an invocation of any rake command takes a
minimum of that length to complete. I believe this is triggered (as
previously discussed) due to rake’s need to preload a complete file
dependency tree.

Is there anyway rake could only load in the file dependencies that
actually apply? Even on non shared hosts the basic invocation of rake
takes at least a second, and while this is not particularly slow, it’s
still one of the few commands I run regularly of that nature that has a
noticeable pause for startup.

Any suggestions for speedup? Anyone working on this? Anyone else have
similar complaints? Am I just expecting too much?

Charles Comstock

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