Rake Routes Blank on upgrade to Rails 3

I have just upgraded an app to rails 3 following the railscast
screencast. I have installed a blank application inside the app to be
upgraded with:

rails new .

I have replaced all the the main files.

When I run rake routes I get no output.


App::Application.routes.draw do
resources :products

(ie, just the default file with an example uncommented)

I have tried a number of ways to try and get the routes to be
recognised with no luck.
In the console

puts App::Application.routes.route


   /assets                                  {}
   /rails/info/properties(.:format)         {:controller=>"rails/

info", :action=>“properties”}


gives the error:

Unknown action
The action ‘properties’ could not be found for Rails::InfoController

When I click “About your applications environment” on the index.html
page I get:

LoadError in Rails::InfoController#properties

I’m not sure if these bugs are related, but About your applications
environment works fine with the same gemset on a new application.

Any ideas on how to investigate this and get my routes recognised
would be most helpful,

Many thanks,