Rake migrate to Dreamhost mysql database

Have you ever tried to do a rails migrate to a mysql DB on Dreamhost?
I get an error saying "host not allowed to connect to this mysql
server. The host specified is “##-##-##-##.dhcp.LOC.mn.charter.com”
(Where the '#'s are numbers and LOC is a city code. I’m worried that
I’ll have to grant acces to the db as “[email protected]” (ala
http://forums.mysql.com/read.php?86,23619,41248#msg-41248), but I don’t
know if that strange host value above is really going to be the same

Yes, I’ve done this. When you created the db you had to supply a host
I typically use mysql.domain.com. Use this as the host in database.yml.

Yes, this works for me.

You can specify remote access (including wildcards, which you’ll
need) in the Goodies > Manage MySQL > (your user link) > Remote Access
field. You can use domains or IP addresses. It’s pretty straightforward.


Thanks, Paul. That was it…I later figured it out. I just was not
following the logic of clicking on the user in the goodies | mySQL area
and specifying the user’s host.

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