Rake db:create:wants LibMySQL.dll for MySQL 5.0.37; where?

Hi All,

I’m running:
Rails 2.3.5
MySQL 5.0.37-community-nt

I ran rake db:create:all and got something like:
LibMySQL.dll required.

I had a worse symptom previously when, on an earlier post on a related
failure, Sharagoz kindly suggested I drop back to a 5.0 version of

As I prepared this post, I wanted to recall my version. In
particular, I wanted to run
select * version() in MySQL. But I was told Windows didn’t have that
app. So I added a path to it in the environment. ( thought I
requested this during installation.)

When I ran the rake command this time, the problem disappeared.

I just posted this to encourage other people who, like me, sometimes
get discouraged with all the problems that software development gives
us. We just need to keep on plugging and help others when we can.

Best wishes,

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