Rake cucumber features fails

Hey Guys,

Ubuntu 9.10

Env: Ruby 1.9.1
Rails 2.3.5
RSpec 1.3.1
Cucumber 0.6.1
Cucumber-rails 0.2.3

I’m starting with BDD with Cucumber/RSpec.

After creating a rails app, I did script/generate rspec and cucumber.

First problem, I can’t run cucumber by its own, as Ryan B. does in
He freely runs “cucumber features -n” while I need to run “rake cucumber
features -n”

What do I need to do, to have cucumber be called by rake without
telling rake to do it?

Second problem, when I try to run rake cucumber, it fails telling me
that it
requires “RubyGem test-unit >= 1.2.3”
Is it really? do I need to have this gem installed? The current
test-unit is

Rodrigo D.

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