Raindrops 0.13.0 - real-time stats for preforking Rack servers

Raindrops is a real-time stats toolkit to show statistics for Rack HTTP
servers. It is designed for preforking servers such as Rainbows! and
Unicorn, but should support any Rack HTTP server under Ruby 2.0, 1.9,
1.8 and Rubinius on platforms supporting POSIX shared memory. It may
also be used as a generic scoreboard for sharing atomic counters across
multiple processes.

Changes: several minor fixes and improvements

Most notably, this release is necessary for Ruby 2.2 (dev).
Thanks to Koichi Sasada for the bug report!

Eric W. (5):
Rakefile: remove raa_update task
last_data_recv: do not assume Unicorn includes all constants
raindrops.gemspec: add wrongdoc dev dependency
linux_inet_diag: fix Ruby 2.2 (dev) build
license: use LGPLv2.1 or later (was LGPL (2.1|3.0)-only)

Hleb V. (1):
Remove Scope IDs from IPv6 addresses.