Railsforall.org - a non-profit for the promotion of Ruby on

Good morning.

We have launched the initial Railsforall.org site, located at
http://www.railsforall.org, with a full launch planned within the next
month or two. Visit the site and sign up to be notified of the official
launch. Railsforall.org is dedicated to the promotion of Ruby on Rails
to the developer and business communities.

** We need your help! **

We are looking for case studies. Case studies will show the business
community at large that Ruby on Rails works, and is useful for a variety
of applications. Not only does a case study lend credence to Rails and
its uses, it also provides an advertising opportunity for you, your
firm, and the application. Shoot us an email (info at railsforall dot
org) for further details on what is required.

I look forward to your responses and case study inquiries.


Robert D.

Promoting Ruby on Rails to the developer and business communities