RailsDB 0.3 Released

A new 0.3 revision of RailsDB has been released:

Homepage: http://railsdb.org/

Download: http://railsdb.org/src/railsdb_0.3.tar.bz2

Recent updates include:

  • Support added for exporting data in several different formats
    including CSV, tab-delimited, and YAML.

  • Finished up field add/edit/delete pages.

  • Finished data add/edit/delete pages.

  • Bug fixes, additional tests.

  • Transition from Subversion to Git.

  • Now hosting code repo with GitHub:


  • Project management is now done on Lighthouse:


Special thanks to Jacek Panachida for all his hard work getting Mocha
integrated and some testing issues worked out.

Thanks for your time.

Greg D.