RailsConf Europe, Sept. 14-15: don't put it off!

Hi everyone –

In the excitement of the Chicago RailsConf and other recent events,
don’t forget the excitement of RailsConf Europe!

You’ve heard of it, but it seems kind of shadowy compared to the “big”

Here’s the news:

It IS a big event! <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

The confirmed speakers include:

 Jamis B.
 Chad F.
 Thomas F.
 Marcel Molina, Jr.
 Kathy Sierra
 Dave T.
 Jim W.

Et tu, Blacke? Yes, me too:

 David A. Black

There’s more info and links at http://europe.railsconf.org.

I repeat: this is a BIG Rails event, and you should be there! Judging
from registration numbers, there’s a healthy interest in the event…
WE WANT AN UNHEALTHY INTEREST!! Go ahead – put our seating capacity
to the test!

Time and place:

    London, UK, September 14-15.

(And some “shoulder” fun sure to happen on the in and out days.)

RailsConf Europe is brought to you by Ruby Central, Inc. (the
RailsConf people), and Skills Matter, Ltd., our London-based
conference partners.

So check out the details at http://europe.railsconf.org! Registration
is open, and so is presentation proposal if you want to go that route.