RailsConf DVD?

Hi All,

I saw spurious mentions on a few blogs of a DVD being made available of
RailsConf presentations. However none seemed to have a
attached to them, thus might just be pure speculation. Anyone know of an
official source/effort being made for a DVD?

Would be well keen for copy if one is to be made available…




On 6/26/06, Rowan H. [email protected] wrote:


Yep, there was audio taken from all the sessions, and video from the
keynotes. From what I understand from Jay, they are going to sync the
audio with the slides and release that as a password protected flash
video (for $$). You could buy that for $50 at the conference, though
that price point will probably be higher once its available online.
The videos of the keynotes will be freely available online.

This is all going to take some time, as they have to process
everything and get it all production ready.

Thanks for the info Rob!

Cheers for those doing the production work on this. Very much
for those of us who couldn’t make it to the conf :frowning:



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