Rails3 newbie - Question regarding multiple joins and finder methods

Hello all

I’ve encountered a weird difficulty…I wonder what am I doing wrong…

I have three models:
The User has many assignments and each assignments belongs to Idea.
I have also defined has many through relations on User (ideas) and on
Idea (users) – through assignments…

The database is populated with the needed data…

I am using this to query the models…
@out = User.joins(:ideas,:assignments =>
[:user,:idea]).includes(:ideas,:assignments => [:user,:idea]).find(1)

The result contains a User object with ideas array (has_many) with one
Idea object but its empty (all attributes are nil)… It also
contains an assignments array (has_many) with one Assignment object
but the reference to the Idea (belongs_to) is null… (user_id,idea_id
do exist and have correct value)
It is like the join is not performed…

BTW- The console shows that the JOIN is performed.

What is wrong?

Thanks in advance

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