I am new to rails, and I was struggling on getting this code to work
on rails 3.0.4 and I found out that I need to use the link_to thing
but I am unsure on how to write it for the code below:

<%= render :partial=>"seat_list", :locals=>{:seats=>@flight.seats } %>
<%= link_to_remote( "Refresh seats", :url=>"/flights/#{@flight.id}/seats", :method=>"get", :update=>"seats") %>

what can I DOOOOOO???

Start by describing the problem. You need to explain what you’re trying
do and what’s not working.

I am trying to make a refresh button that would reload a partial
_seat_list.html.erd in ajax and I am trying to write it so that it
works for rails 3. I am also getting this error “undefined method
`link_to_remote’ for #<#Class:0x2ca4218:0x2ca2fb8>”, which I have
learned is not now a method in rails 3 and am struggling to write it
as a link_to

That method and other similar functions were extracted to the Prototype
Legacy Helper plugin in Rails 3. The replacement method name is
remote_function, though the usage is a little different. See

Check out at https://github.com/rails/prototype_legacy_helper if you
want to
use the old syntax, though I expect that best practice is to use the
functionality bundled in the current release.

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