Rails Workshop in Pune, Sept 1-2, 2006

Subject: Rails Workshop in Pune, Sept 1-2, 2006

You might be interested in attenting this upcoming Rails workshop on the
and 2nd Sept. It is being hosted by Shashank D., a Ruby & Rails
veteran and
Dibya P., who heads one of the few Rails-based development
companies in

The contents/agenda look awesome and its a steal at Rs.8000. I might be
to help out with some of the hands-on segments.

REGISTER HERE: http://www.innovationworkshop.in/

See you there.


Professional Ruby on Rails Development
2 day workshop for getting started with professional Rails development
September 1st and 2nd, 2006
Introductory Fees: Rs. 8000/- per person
Timing: 10:00AM to 6:00PM

This is a practical hands-on 2 day workshop on Ruby on Rails that will
help you
get started with Rails with a solid foundation of the fundamentals of
Ruby and
Rails. You do not need to know either Ruby or Rails to benefit from this
workshop. The workshop will drive you through some hands-on coding as
This is a quick start workshop for professional Ruby on Rails
development and
will set you in the right direction with just the right set of tips,
tricks and
ideas. We look beyond what is publicly available. We look at the
version of Rails and the new features and let you know the benefits in
of public releases. While this workshop is meant for developers, it will
be an ideal technical introduction for Project Managers.

Who can benefit from this workshop?

Software application developers looking to start on Rails or already 
working on
Rails will benefit a lot from this workshop to write more elegant Rails
applications. This 2 day workshop will leave you all set to develop full
fledged Rails web applications by leveraging the true benefits of Rails. 
If you
already have some experience development web applications using other
technologies, you will find it easier to see the differences and 
benefits of
Rails. Knowing Ruby is not a must, but can be a plus to get rolling 

Introduction to Ruby:
This will cover the basics of the Ruby language which is the foundation 
of the
Rails Web framework.
* It will touch the salient features of the language, which make 
developing and
extending the framework a joyful experience.
* It will also introduce you to some select libraries and tools 
available with
    * Hour 0: Ruby Basics
    * Hour 1: Ruby Blocks
    * Hour 2: Ruby Object Model
    * Hour 3: Ruby Dynamics
    * Hour 4: Ruby Libraries
    * Hour 5: Ruby Tools
    * Hour 6: Case Study
    * Hour 7: Case Study continued

Introduction to Ruby on Rails:
This will cover the basics of the Web framework and develop a small Web 
application from inception to end.
* It will introduce you to the MVC architecture which forms the basis of 
* The framework is made up of five components: ActiveRecord, 
ActionPack, ActionMailer, ActionWebServices.
* We will work on all these components to create a simple yet 
sophisticated Web
    * Hour 0: MVC Architecture Basics
    * Hour 1: ORM Basics: ActiveRecord
    * Hour 2: ActionPack = ActionView+ActionController
    * Hour 4: ActiveSupport+ActionMailer+ActionWebServices
    * Hour 5: RJS
    * Hour 6: Case Study
    * Hour 7: Case Study continued
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