Rails/Windows Guru Needed

Hey All,

I’ve just got back from a great meeting with a potential new client.
Everything was going so well - I knocked back their old-school project
plans, sold Rails to them in less than 5 minutes. All cool.

Then, 5 minutes before the end they say ‘Oh and by the way - I know we
said we’re happy to host on any platform suitable, but there’s been a
change and we have to run on Windows. Does Ruby on Rails run on ok

Now, do I react to this like a pro and say something like ‘We don’t
currently use Rails on windows but we have contractors that can advise
your server guys on the setup’? No. My latent geek appears and ramble
on about Rails not being as stable on Windows and even - and i can’t
believe this - ‘I don’t really give Windows the time of day’

They winced.

Ok, so before I give myself a kicking for not being more prepared and
then acting like an idiot, I need damage control. My first issue is
that I need find out whether or not Rails on Windows is a suitable
production setup. I then need a Windows pro to bail me out.

This will obviously be a one off job - setting up a windows server to
run rails and/or providing consultancy to the client’s hosting guys.
We’re a UK based company but it shouldn’t be a problem if you’re

If anyone is interested, please drop me an email off list with your
rates and past projects. If anyone wants to post on list to comment
about my sorry position, please feel free :0)



Is this a dupe posting?