Rails - web service - method name formatting problem


Hi all,

I’m using AWS to consume a web service written in Java.

I set up the API class with:

api_method :extractName, :expects => [{:arg0 => :string}], :returns =>

Note the lowercase ‘e’ of the method name - (because the service is
written in Java :))

My problem is that when this goes out across http, it becomes formatted
as “ExtractName” - with an uppercase ‘E’

Is there an option I can pass to the Generator to control this change to
the method name AWS is making?

My generator looks like this:

web_client_api :eewindow,
:namespace => “http://the.java.namespace”,
:driver_options => {:default_encodingstyle =>

I have tried the other default_encodingtyle choices, to no avail. How
can I find out what other possible options can be passed in?

Am on Windows XP, Rails 1.1.2, Ruby 1.8.2, actionwebservice gem 1.1.2

I hope that is clear - any advice gratefully received,

Many Thanks,


Actually - I just noticed AWS is also spitting out the w3 schema
definition - Possibly w3 guidelines state that method names should all
be uppercase?