Rails vs JRuby/Rails vs Grails

I’m about to start up a new home project and am kicking around the
possibilities listed above. This is a hobby which may turn into a
project, should I find enough time to do so.
A rather important feature of this project is going to be the ability to
work in offline mode, synching up to a server when going into online
I’ve poked around some with the available ways to do this with Rails
(Slingshot, Gears on Rails), but was unable to determine if these
might work on JRuby/Rails as well. I’m not too thrilled about Slingshot
simply because I don’t have the money to pay for the toolkit unless it’s
very cheap, so I’m looking for free ways to achieve offline capability
in my

I’m interested in hearing peoples opinions on Rails vs JRuby/Rails vs
Grails, and particularly interested in hearing what people have to say
regards to getting any of these frameworks operating in an offline



On Sat, Apr 11, 2009 at 1:44 PM, Chris T. [email protected] wrote:

might work on JRuby/Rails as well. I’m not too thrilled about Slingshot


Do you not have admin access to your offline dev environment? You
should be
able to install what you need locally and do your development and
that way. Unless you are going to be going “live” in a violently
environment I don’t see a huge problem.

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