Rails v.1.2.3

Hello, I installed Rails v.1.2.3 today and created a simple controller
(MyTest) with one def, index. Index just renders some text. I don’t
think I’m making it that far, though, when I call up the site. It
gives the following error:

Routing Error

no route found to match “/intranet/MyTest” with {:method=>:get}

I have searched the last couple of hours but not been able to find any
exact answers.

I haven’t changed anything in routes.rb.

Anyone else having this problem or know what could be causing this?


I found the problem. First I had to expose myself here and then about
five minutes later I realized that Rails inserted an underscore
between My and Test (/intranet/My_Test). With the underscore, the
index def works and the text is displayed. Jeez…