Rails uses up to 700MB of RAM and works SLOWLY!

After a couple of hours running rails with development environment the
process ruby.exe uses up to 700MB of RAM, and every refresh of
localhost:3000 takes about a second on loading every file.
Is it normal?
Is there any way to reduce memory usage without regular restarts of
the server?

Hi, the memory management under Windows is terrible. Also, the Ruby
performance will be very slow in this environment because of it. I
recommend using a Unix environment similar to Ubuntu. When you’re
your server in development mode, it will reload all your models and
controllers for every request. This is what this mode was implemented
to do
and you can find a reference in AWDwR2e. In any case, you can start up
server in production mode but you loose some of the log artifacts that
development mode gives you:
script/server -e production

Good luck,


Even it is unknown what yours RoR app do it is unlikely that it takes
such large amount of RAM.
Especially that it is increasing with the working hours.

You should find the bottleneck of you app and what is taking to long
to process yours requests.
Monitor the memory consumption over time and analyze the logs.
Try to find the cause of problem using the elimination methodology.

There is something fishy in you app even the Win memory manager is not

We do not live in a perfect world but we can make it better :wink: