Rails, Uploading multiple Files to an Album

Alright this one’s tricky - don’t shy off!

I’ve setup a multi-file uploader with Rails 3 + paperclip + Ajax
Upload (http://valums.com/ajax-upload/)

My controller is as follows (which works):

  def upload
    @photoalbum = PhotoAlbum.create
    @photo = @photoalbum.photos.create({ :photo =>

params[:file], :title => params[:filename], :description => “Uploaded
on #{Date.today.strftime(”%b %d, %Y")}" })

    respond_to do |format|

The big issue here. is that if a User uploads 3 files, they are all
going to seperate albums. Rails uploads the 3 files, and each file has
it’s own uniquely added album.

That’s bad. I need all the files uploaded in a batch to go to it’s own

Any thoughts on how to solve for this?

In the AJAX upload it is possible to pass a param. I thought about
passing an album ID, problem is that would lead to a lot of blank
albums, as the user doesn’t always upload photos.

Geniuses wanted! thank you

Hm… Do you think you could post your view too?

The view where the upload lives?

Please enable JavaScript to use file uploader.

Just a question, Is it possible Ajax Upload “upload” the files one at
the time?
I mean, like, If you upload too photos it first calls /photos/upload
once, then does it again for the second one?

Sorry for my spelling, and if my response seems like mumbo-jumbo, I
should have gone sleeping at-least 2 hours ago

Correct it does upload the files one at a time.

Hm… the only solution i can think of right now is to call the upload
function once and have a do loop in there.

As I see it, you are creating a new album here. If you are editing a
existing album, you can send the album id along with your request. So
here I think you need to change your logic; a users must create a album
first, and upload his/her photos in the next step.
Maybe that helps?