Rails update fails

I’m doing a manual (initial) installation of ruby 1.8.7, rubygems
1.3.7 and rails.
I’m pretty new at this. This is a windows installation.
I started by installing ruby-1.8.7, then downloaded rubygems-1.3.7 and
ran ruby setup.rb in the extracted gems directory I had created. These
seemed to go well.
Then I did a
gem install rubygems -updated
and that completed successfully.
The I did a
gem install rails
After installing 24 gems successfully there was a fatal error
while installing ri documentation for activerecord-3.0.0
an invalid argument

I have not loaded any servers. Was I supposed to that before the rails


If is it only during the installation of the ri documentation, you
worry about it.

if you do a ‘gem list’ you can see all the installed gems.


why don’t you go for Ruby 1.9.2/Rails 3.0… I had different problems
installing rails on windows until I found the following link: