Rails + SVN generation script

Anyone got a script to share that:

  1. Creates a trunk directory
  2. Creates a trunk/vendor directory
  3. Adds the above to svn
  4. Modifies trunk/vendor to use a certain rails revision (i.e. trunk or
  5. Runs trunk/vendor/rails/…/bin/rails to generate a rails directory
  6. Modifies the svn:ignore for the logs and config/database.yml
  7. Moves config/database.yml to config/database.yml.sample
  8. Adds a script/reload_everything.sh.sample script to scripts/ that
    8a. Drops the dev and test database
    8b. Reloads the dev and test database
    8c. Performs migration on the dev and test database
    8d. Runs rake load_fixtures (to populate the dev database)
    8e. Runs rake to run the tests
  9. Ignores script/reload_everything.sh

I think that’s it. Just wondering if anyone’s done something like
that before I make my own. That’s generally the process I follow when
creating a new Rails project.


crap, wrong group, sorry!

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