Rails Space with version 2.0.2


I have read great reviews about the book Rails Space… But the codes
are in Rails 1.2

Since Rails 2.0.2 as arrived, i thought it would be better reading a
book with the fresh codes only.

i am confused, what should i be reading particularly in Rails Space book
that remains fixed for 1.2 and 2.0.2. I do not want to end up learning
old methods which are not supported for Rails 2.0.2.

I would like to know…
(1) Are codes for Rails Space available for 2.0.2…?
(2) What should i be reading from that book…?
(3) What should i be avoiding from that book…?
(4) How others have managed with this situation…?
(5) Is there a working site created with Rails Space 2.0.2 codes to

I hope i will be guided with the right method in the right direction.


The books simply rails 2 and Agile Web D. With Rails version
2 are both written with Rails 2.x code.

The rails space code works pretty well with Rails 2.x, with some minor
changes. If you work through the code in Simply Rails 2 or AWDWR2, you
should be able to identify and make the Rails Space changes yourself.

The web site for rails space owners has a code download that now
contains a 2.0 version of the code, but the book itself is not

If you are completely new to Rails and an inexperienced OO programmer,
I would suggest starting with Simply Rails 2, then AWDWR 2 then Rails
If you are somewhat familiar with Rails and experienced with OO or web
programming, start with AWDWR2 and then do Rails Space.

You can’t go wrong with any of these three books.

Good luck,


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