[rails] shoud I test validate_presentence_of series?

Suppose I have a model Forum, have some attributes, title, content,
tag.so I do it in Forum model.
validates_presence_of :title
validates_presence_of :tag
validates_presence_of :content.

when I added validateds_presence_of, rails will restrict the attribute
not be empty, when save record. so after that, Do I still need to test
those attributs not_valid?

like this

it ‘should not be valid when title empty’ do
Forum.new(empty_title_attrbiute_hash).should_not be_valid

it ‘should not be valid when tag empty’ do
Forum.new(empty_tag_attrbiute_hash).should_not be_valid

it ‘should not be valid when content empty’ do
Forum.new(empty_content_attrbiute_hash).should_not be_valid

I like covering validation with RSpec instead of only relying on it
covered at a higher level. I like to check for error(s) on each
attribute to
be sure that the model is not invalid for some other reason. Here’s how
I do

describe Forum, ‘being valid’ do

it “requires a name” do
forum = Forum.new(:title => nil)
forum.should_not be_valid
forum.should have_at_least(1).error_on(:title)

it “requires a code” do
forum = Forum.new(:tag => nil)
forum.should_not be_valid
forum.should have_at_least(1).error_on(:tag)

it “requires content” do
forum = Forum.new(:content => nil)
forum.should_not be_valid
forum.should have_at_least(1).error_on(:content)


Note that, in this example, you can put all of your
declarations on one line.

validates_presence_of :title, :tag, :content


On 2010-07-21 1:41 AM, Zhenning G. wrote:

it ‘should not be valid when content empty’ do
Forum.new(empty_content_attrbiute_hash).should_not be_valid

Something else to keep in mind is that in the spirit of BDD, ideally you
are writing your specs before you write any of your code. So to write
examples that specify attributes cannot be nil will come before the
validates_presence_of statements in your model. Then when your tests
pass, you know you’ve implemented the correct functionality. This is
also a great sanity check when, later down the line, something gets
accidentally changed or deleted in the model and you have a spec to
catch it.


thank you all. :slight_smile:

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