Rails routing problems

My web host recently upgraded to 1.2.3 from 1.1.2 and it broke two of
my rails applications. The problem is that the default routes don’t
seem to be working, for example here’s one of the applications:

But it gives the following error: “Routing Error
no route found to match “/photogallery” with {:method=>:get}”

I googled this problem and found a suggestion to change the config/
boot.rb file from:

“root_path = Pathname.new(root_path).cleanpath(true).to_s”
“root_path = Pathname.new(root_path).cleanpath(true).realpath().to_s”

But that did not help anything.

I found that if I add a route to my config/routes.rb file like:
“map.connect ‘photogallery/:action/:id’, controller => ‘photogallery’”
it will work; however the default “map.connect
‘:controller/:action/:id’” does not work. I would rather not have to
create a new entry for every controller that I have. Does anyone have
a suggestion as to how to fix this problem?