Rails returns 500 on cyclic requests

Hello Everyone,

Here’s my Scenario

[RoR] <-> [Red5 Server]

My Rails application has to fetch some information from Red5, Red5 has
to (in order to completely fulfill the request) call a web-service on
the original rails app. (The scenario is so that I cannot really
restrict Red5 to call back my app.).

i.e. Some thing like this happens:

RoR -> Red5 -> Back to RoR’s WebService -> Data sent to Red5 -> Red5
Modified Data -> RoR

The problem is that Whenever Red5 calls the Rail’s web-service, it snaps
back with 500 header (with “missing default helper path” in the logs),
from then onwards every request to this application receives error 500
until the server has been restarted.

However, this problem gets resolved when I use a different Rails
application to origination the call i.e. If I do something like:

RoR_differentApp -> Red5 -> RoR’s WebService -> Data sent to Red5 ->
Red5 Modified Data -> RoR_differentApp

My configuration is:

JRuby 1.0.2 (with Rails 1.2.5) bundled with NetBeans 6.0
WEBrick bundled with NetBeans 6.0.

Any Ideas why this is happening?