Rails Reporting Tools

I’ve been doing some research on which tools I want to go with for my
rails project. However, I’m not sure what would be the best utility for
the site.

I have experience with Crystal Reports XI, but it appears to be very
difficult to implement this with Rails.

I took a look at JasperReports with iReport and it looks very good for
starters. I’ve also looked at RubyReports, but I’m not sure that’s what
I’m really after.

Are there any folks out there using reporting services with rails, and
if so, which hurdle did you climb and can you point me towards some
solid resources out there or tutorials on the Subject Matter?

Many thanks.


I suppose I should have probably outlined what I want to use reporting
services for, as this might help isolate the searches or responses.

I’m going to be putting together weekly reports for football teams so
there’s 120 teams, 120 reports, each week.