Rails pry-remote - how to view session

We have a unique rails application instance where the Rails app is only
one part of the project. We’re using foreman to run the servers and we
run the foreman from the rails app via rake tasks. The raw way to
start the foreman server process is: ./foreman.rb -u /some/folder/script_name

When I add a binding.pry_remote in a controller method as such:

def index
    @products = Model.all

and refresh the page, I can see the page loads indefinitely because of
the binding.remote_pry call but then when I want to view the pry session
by typing bundle exec pry-remote, all that happens is that the
binding.pry_remote is bypassed and the page continues running.

I need to find a way to get into a pry session via a runtime console.

clem c