Rails + Postgres + Solaris =?

Hello All,

I’m trying to move an application from Linux to OpenSolaris (Joyent).

Our Rails 2.0.2 app uses PostgreSQL 8 for its main database.

It seems there’s a known bug w/ Postgres and Solaris that requires the
connections to go through ‘localhost’ instead of using the traditional
(socket?) connection method.

My database works great with the command line Postgres tools (psql) as
long as I use the ‘psql -h localhost’ setup.

Well, it’s not working well with Rails.

I have a database.yml that looks like this:

adapter: postgresql
database: city2_production
host: localhost
port: 5432
encoding: latin1
username: user
password: pass

But, when Rails attempts to hit the DB, I see this in the log:

PGError (server closed the connection unexpectedly
This probably means the server terminated abnormally
before or while processing the request.

I’ve also tried w/o luck.

Anyone run into this? Know the solution? Joyent recommended I come
here after their forums didn’t help.

I would very much appreciate a point in the right direction.


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