Rails, passenger, and images

Just switched over to passenger for development and production for my
rails app. Liking it so far.

My problem is my image_links, stylesheet_tag_links, and
javascript_tag_links are all adding "http://localhost:3000 to the
generated links. I got around the stylesheet and js links by not using
the helpers.

I can access my all of my assets directly via
for example.

I used passenger pref pane to render the vhost. It looks like:
<VirtualHost *:80>
ServerName dating.local
DocumentRoot “/Users/steveodom/Development/dating/public”
RailsEnv development
<directory “/Users/steveodom/Development/dating/public”>
Order allow,deny
Allow from all

ErrorLog “/Users/steveodom/Development/dating/log/apache.log”

I’m not getting any errors in my development.log or apache error_log

Everything should be standard. I’ve experimented with ProxyPass’s but
those didn’t help.

I’m using passenger 2.0.6, rails 2.2.2

Any suggestions?


look into apache access_log, if there any regular requests to the
js/image/css files…

I’m using passenger too without any problems…


Steve O. wrote:

Thanks, Steve

Tomas Meinlschmidt, MS {MCT, MCP+I, MCSE, AER}, NetApp Filer/NetCache

www.meinlschmidt.com www.maxwellrender.cz www.lightgems.cz

On Fri, Mar 13, 2009 at 1:01 PM, Steve O. [email protected]


Any suggestions?


Steve, do you have the following line in your vhosts file:

NameVirtualHost *:80

Also, did you add an entry in your /etc/hosts file to contain the
following: dating.local

Last but not least, did you stop Mongrel, Webrick, or Thin?


There are not any requests for my images showing up in my apache
access_log where I use an image_tag. If I handroll the image ref

then it shows up fine. But if I use the image_tag helper like:

<%= image_tag “icons/add.gif” %>

…it gets rendered like:

…and is broken as a result.

My stylesheet and js requests show up because I’m not using the rails
helpers (stylesheet_tag_link).

I used preference pane to set it up. I was under the impression I did
not have to add an entry in my /etc/hosts file.

This is a new macbook where I havent used webrick, mongrel, or thin.

Any ideas?


Well, how bout that. It was the facebooker plugin taking control of
asset_host. Only appears to be a problem while running passenger.

Thanks for the pointer Brian.


Check your app’s source. Look for anything dealing with asset_host. My
guess is something is prepending this to your image helper, and
asset_host will do that if you tell it to.

If you create a new Rails app, you’ll be able to test this out by
making a controller and a view. On the view, just link to the
rails.png image in the /images folder that ships with a defalt app.

<%=image_tag “rails.png” %>

If that gives you trouble, then it’s not your code.




Well, how bout that. It was the facebooker plugin taking control of
asset_host. Only appears to be a problem while running passenger.

Should be a problem with anything. I’ve got a facebooker site in
development under mongrel and it sets asset host as well…

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