Rails parameters get lost because of jQuery link

unfortunately no response)

I saw this Railscast (
#240 Search, Sort, Paginate with AJAX - RailsCasts) the
other day and wanted to use the techniques for an application of mine. I
have a page with elements on it and I want to sort them by values and
select them by tags. Also I tried to combine it with the nice jQuery
In the view I have some of the links:

%span= link_to t(‘name’), params.merge(:sort => ‘name’)
%span= link_to t(‘value’), params.merge(:sort => ‘value’)%nav#tag
%span= link_to t(‘all’), params.merge(:tag => ‘all’)
%span= link_to t(‘basic’), params.merge(:tag => ‘basic’)

And this is the jQuery in the application.js calling to render the main
part of the page:

$(function() {
$(“#sort span a, #tag span a”).on(“click”, function() {
return false;

The defaults are ‘name’ for sort and ‘basic’ for tag. They are set in
methods within the controller and model for not being redundant.

The linking itself works perfectly fine and the jQuery itself, too.
if I add the jQuery to the linking, the parameters will not get passed
so can not be merged. I guess when the page is reloaded there is no
parameter set and jQuery does not pass the first one I click on. Though
somehow in Ryan B.’ Railscast it does work and even if I download it,
works just fine. Does anybody know what the mistake might be?

I already had to change it from “.live(“click”, function()” to
“.onlive(“click”, function()” for the new jQuery 1.9.0. Is it because of
the jQuery version (1.4.3 in the Railscast and 1.9.0 now)?

On Tuesday, February 12, 2013 1:57:58 PM UTC, Andreas Fritz wrote:

The mistake is that your links aren’t updated because you are only
re-rendering your content section. You could re-render a large part of
page, including the links. The railscast takes a slightly different
approach - he users extra hidden fields in the bits of the page that are
re-rendered so that even though the link doesn’t have the previously
selected order/sort in it, it can be retrieved from the form


Wow, I never would have thought of that. Thank you so much, you made my

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