Rails Newbie--where do I configure webrick to start using ssl certs/https?

Hello all-

Though I’ve got eons of java dev experience, I’m a fresh RoR noob with
a server configuration question.

Because it has to be tied into a single sign on solution(that uses
secure cookies), an application that I’ve inherited absolutely
requires that all requests go over secure http.

I’ve seen this:
and this:

And they give me an idea of what I’ve got to do, but they don’t seem
to get me all the way there.

With regards to the HowTo on the RoR homepage, it just gives
development examples, using filters. With regards to Dr. Internet, he
doesn’t say where in an existing rails app to best put this webrick
startup call.

Do any of you old, steady hands have any advice on how to accomplish
Mike Kohout

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