Rails Library for Generating Graphs and Charts

Hello Friends,

Hope all are doing well.

I was seeking some guidance on open-source, stable, efficient and
better library (plugin/gem) for generating chars and graphs in rails.

here i am looking for graphs/charts with multiple scale in a single
axis. also i am having concerns for exporting charts in some of report
like pdf or image etc.

Please let me your thoughts/experience/guidance on this.


Piyush with Rails wrote:

Hello Friends,
Gruff is ruby library fir grnrrating graphs
ChartDirector is one of the library but i think it is not open source
in gruff you can export chart on pdf
Using chartDirector also you can export
you can create graph
This is sammple
write in Helper
def generate_graph
graph = USING GRuff See Documentation of gruff
filename = ‘abc.png’
file = Tempfile.new(filename)
file = file.binmode
content_tag(:div, image_tag(file.path), :class => “graphs”)
in dispaly.pdf.erb
<%= generate_graph %>