Rails Job Opportunity

Ruby on Rails Technical Coach
for a part-time consulting engagement

*We are a distributed group of people developing a cutting edge Ruby on
Rails application about to enter public beta. We are searching for a
technical coach in order to provide guidance and advice on topics such
conceptual architectural, performance, scalability, security design,
etc. *

The ideal candidate is an experienced RoR practitioner with strong
technical skills and a clear understanding of Agile software development
methodologies such as Scrum and XP. You will be working with
thought leaders from the Agile community. Asides from providing general
advice on the more complex issues, you will be reviewing our existing
base, assessing technical debt and recommending what to refactor.

This is an ideal job to do after working hours or on the side of your
job as a small consulting gig. You will be payed by the hour. We will
special consideration to RoR community leaders, people who blog, speak
conferences, etc. Experience participating in open source projects is
a plus.