Rails incorrectly names cached files

I’m having difficultly getting simple page caching to work with named
routes. I have a named route called “about” (url About Us | Domain.com)
which goes to the controller called “home” and an action called

When activating page caching by adding this to the home controller

caches_page :about

Rails creates the cached about page in “/home/about.html” instead of
in “/about.html”. So every time a request comes in for the about page
the web server cant find the cached page and directs the request to

I’ve had a look around for anyone else having the same difficulties
and cant find anything, which probably means I’m missing something
very obvious but cant think what.

Any ideas?



Thanks to a chap I was chatting to in irc I’ve found what the problem

I had the default route before the named route so rails was taking
this first and creating the cached files in domain.com/home/about
rather than in About Us - Domain.com