Rails IDE

**hi I am just curious what IDE everybody uses to develop rails

I am using eclipse with RDT and RAD plugin. But for some reason kicking
debug session takes a lot of time. Do anyone experience this kind of

–Siva J.
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Most people on this list have reported the same thing. The Arachno
Ruby IDE doesn’t experience the same delay. You might want to look
into that product.


On Windows I tend to use RadRails for development, but Arachno for
Debugging. I prefer the RadRails layout.

Michael T.

Hmm, I didn’t think debugging worked at all in radrails… how’d you get
it to work?


Yah I used RDT for debugging and RAD for editor :slight_smile:

–Siva J.
My First Rails Project.
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Anyone tried FrontBase with Rails?

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