Rails HTML5 Boilerplate Application Template

Just wanted to let fellow Rails users about a Rails
application template I wrote to help speed up the process of starting
new Rails projects that will make use of Paul Irish’s HTML 5
Boilerplate (http://html5boilerplate.com/).

Project location:

Usage: rails new -m

This template does the following:

  • Removes default prototype/scriptaculous javascripts and Rails driver
  • Downloads latest jQuery Rails driver and place into javascripts
  • Downloads HTML5 Boilerplate dependencies: javascripts, stylesheets,
    icons, .htaccess, etc.
  • Replace contents of default application.html.erb layout with the
    contents of HTML5 boilerplate index.html
  • Modifies the updated application.html.erb to add back in appropriate
    Rails content
  • Updates javascript :defaults expansion to include jquery, plugins,
    and rails driver.

I’m relatively new to Ruby/Rails and this is my first template so any
suggestions, feedback, or push requests are certainly welcome.

Hopefully this saves someone a little bit of time.