Rails hosting (Virtual Server)

Hello folks,


Any experience and/or advise?

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Human D. wrote:

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I don’t have any experience with the second, however RailsPlayground is
by far one of the best companies I have ever hosted with. Joe seems to
run a pretty tight ship over there, and the support through ticket and
forums is supurb.

– Jarod

You can read some reviews about both companies at


We’re with JohnCompanies because of their first-rate support, good price
plans, and FreeBSD offerings. I have never experienced that level of
flexibility and support response times (within minutes!).

Roderick van Domburg

Have personally used RailsPlayground myself, although not the VPS.
Support’s really on the ball. With loadtimes, uptime etc never been a
problem yet. 5 Star’s for Rails :slight_smile:
OCS never responded to a generic query when I was hunting down remote
hosting locations some time ago.
Ultimately, depends on the job it’s for.

Don’t play on the train tracks too much, GF’s tend to … Well enough
said :slight_smile:

I’ve actually been using http://www.stevensonsoftware.com for VPS
hosting. Its very affordable and the support has been great. I got
up and running in minutes. I pay $40 / month for the “Large” plan
(512mb RAM, 20gb storage, 80gb bandwidth). That costs less than the
other services you were asking about.

Hope this helps.