Rails Developers Available

I’m working with a bunch of rather rock star Rails Developers located
in SD . They are all the kind of developers you’d love to have on staff
working 5 days a week for a 100k, but unfortunately this is not a fairy
tale world we live in. The RoR Developers I’m assisting are located in
multiple states and depending on the project requirements and hourly
salary range offered their monetary needs fluctuate from very high to
but doable depending on the situation. The more telecommuting possible,
less $ they require.

Anyway, if anyone has any Rails work they need done, please get in touch
with me and I’ll tell you who I have available. If you can provide the
type: salary/hourly, on-site/off-site, the estimated duration or the
project and some required/desired job skills and/or responsibilities
would help a lot. If you can take on an H1 or H1-B (aka someone who
requires sponsorship) I can really work some magic for you.

Thank you,

Justin Wright, I.T. Recruiter
Capital Markets Placement, Inc.
33 West 26th Street
New York, NY 10010
Direct: 718-598-1411
[email protected]
[email protected]