Rails dev and support work for a Christian charity

I’m not sure this is the right place to ask this, but I’m looking for
a Rails developer to replace me on a project for a Christian charity
in Dublin, Ireland. I have to step down as I don’t have the time
available to adequately support this.

At present, the system allows:

  • Online bookings on camps by members of the public
  • Bookings can also be placed by camp leaders using a different
    interface with more options (such as adjusting the price of the
  • Management functions for camp leaders (approving/declining bookings,
    recording payments, etc)
  • Records for contacts (like an address book)
  • Processing of payments by credit card
  • Managing records of contacts (like bookers, campers)
  • Reports generated such as list of all campers on a camp, list of
    payments received via the payment processor, etc
  • More of the same

What they’d like to expand it to do is:

  • Be able to manage volunteers, including online applications,
    reminders for staff to do certain manual tasks associated with the
    application, keeping a record of any training volunteers have
    received, etc
  • Expand contact system to include a groups feature, which would allow
    them to email groups in one go

I don’t have more detailed specifications for these as they haven’t
written them yet.

The codebase is unfortunately marred partially from being started in
Rails pre-1.0, but most notably by scope creep and “we don’t know what
we want until we see it”. I’ve made steps to refactor as much as it as
I could, but I have started a full-time job and simply don’t have time
to support the current application and clean up the code at the same

For my part, I’ll be on hand to:

  • Introduce the new developer to the code
  • Set up a shared SVN repository (the current one is local to my
    machine) and provide server information
  • Refactor old code in the background (don’t worry, we’ll talk about
    this before I commit anything)
  • Help out with emergencies or confusions over what the code is
    actually doing (some workflows are quite complex)

I’d also like to be able to work on getting proper test coverage, but
I can’t guarantee that I’ll be available for that.

What they want from a potential developer is:
1: Examples of previous work or experience
2: Daily and hourly rates
3: Expected turn-around time on issues

If anyone is interested, just drop me an email and with this
information. Developers don’t have to be based in Ireland, but I’m
pretty sure they’d like to be in the same time zone.


Site: http://antidis.com/