Rails deployment/mongrel_cluster question

I’ve almost got my first Rails deployment up and running, but I’m a
bit confused about the mongrel configuration. The AWDWR book talks
about generating mongrel_cluster.yml and I’ve done that, but some
other information I’ve read points to the spin script used by
Capistrano for defining/starting the mongrel cluster. My Capistrano-
based deployment seems to be correctly invoking spin to start the
mongrels, but I’m wondering if the mongrel_cluster.yml file is
relevant anymore. Of course I’m asking this because my Apache setup
doesn’t seem to want to redirect to the mongrels so I’m wondering if
I’ve messed something up somewhere :slight_smile:

– bb

did you compile apache (2.4+) with the mod_proxy_balancer option?
you’ll need that to use mongrel_cluster. In your apache config you
need to add the balancer configuration and a few other declarations.
Note that Apache 2.x and below don’t have a mod_proxy_balancer. Try
nginx if you’re looking for a different front end web server.

I’ma afraid i don’t have my usual mongrel + apache conf files here to
paste but this was the tutorial that got me started the first time


good luck!


On Jan 12, 4:58 am, Wildtangent [email protected] wrote:

good luck!


Hi Joe, thanks for the help. I did have a back-level version of
Apache without the mod_proxy_balancer support. Upgraded Apache and
all is working now. Thanks again.

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