Rails db model validation with separate web forms, help


I have a DB model that has many columns and I would like to separate the
input from the user into web forms on many pages to not overburden the
user with entering a lot of info on one page.

However, I can’t figure out how to handle the validation of the user’s
input… I would like to validate each piece of data on each form page
before the user is allowed to move on to the next form page.
Is it possible to only validate part of a DB model?

Currently, I plan to save the user’s input in a session until all
of the data iss available to save to the database, which would allow me
validate the user’s input upon saving to the database, but would not
easily allow me to direct the user back to the form page where an error

Any suggestions would be great, even if it requires some re-design.
Thank you.


So far this is the only documentation for multi-page forms and
that I have been able to find:


I think that this plugin can help you.

Look at svn repository

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