Rails Day archives needed for research study

Hello there.

The two previous Rails Day events were great for increasing
Rails awareness.

But they also represent a good snapshot of current practices
in creating web applications with Ruby on Rails, considering the
large number of participating teams. (more then 50 in both years

And best of all, the code archives are freely available.
Well, at least they were freely available at some time.

Sadly, the websites for both Rails Days (2005 and 2006) have
disappeared from the web, and now I am search for any leads,
as to where I could still get the code.

What do I need the code for?

For my master thesis, I would like to analyse Rails applications,
to make some measurements. Like the average number of model objects,
controllers and controller actions. Or to see how much of the
scaffolding actually
got replaced.

I would publish the numbers on the web as soon as I have them in a
neutral and raw format
(so anybody can make his own statistics and analysis), alongside with
my observations,
as I get them.

So, how can you help me?

If you have a copy of the subversion archive/dump of Rails Day 2005 or
then please let me know.

If you know the organizers of one of the Rails Days, then please let
me know.
Then I can ask them for the subversion archives.

Thanks in advance for any help,
and cheers from Ireland, Benjamin.