Rails Controller

i know ruby on rails little bit(but i have to connect mysql with ruby so
plz give the details procedure)

  1. Plz give me some details abt rails controller… & its contained
    folders(app,log,public,script,test, temp…) I want to know the
    functions (& other details) of each them…

2)how can i connect mysql with ruby…plz give details… i.e “how r
we doing so? and why?”

any help…plz

thanx in advance


spend some time there, im sure it will help.

On Jul 1, 2:50 pm, Sumanta D. [email protected]

Go to config/database.yml

adapter: mysql
database: development
username: root
password: PASSWORD
host: localhost
socket: /var/lib/mysql/mysql.sock
timeout: 5000

Now rails can connect to the database. If not, you have to make
database in mysq command line

mysql -u root -p
create database development;

On 1 heinä, 16:50, Sumanta D. [email protected]