Rails Conf

Well, I’m about to leave for the airport for Rails Conf. I would be
delighted to meetup with any of you, so feel free to drop me an e-mail
or call me (http://wiseheartdesign.com/contact/).

We are planning to do a general meetup at the Doug Fir on Thursday at
7:00pm. So be sure to meet us there.

John L.

John W. Long wrote:

We are planning to do a general meetup at the Doug Fir on Thursday at
7:00pm. So be sure to meet us there.



John L.

I’d like to see you guys there. How are people planning to get
there? I won’t have a car and I’m staying at the Red Lion Hotel near
the conference center. Google Maps tells me it’s about 0.8 miles
away. I could probably walk. But is there a better way?

Matt Parrish

I’d like to go too, and am also without car (and also at the Red Lion).
Maybe we can share a cab.

Doug Fir’s web site has a show on Thursday with $8 admission, but it
to be separate from the restaurant.


I think I’m going to walk there. If anyone else is interested, we
can meet at the lobby of the Red Lion and head out around 6:30.
Respond to the list (or me directly) if you’d like to tag along.

I’m staying near the convention center too and planning to walk.
Please email me or John privately if you want to come to Doug Fir; I’d
like to get a headcount and possibly a reservation.


I’d love to come if I can make it. My flight gets in at 6pm, so I
might swing by a little late.

Hope to see you all there!

On May 16, 2007, at 11:05 AM, John W. Long wrote:

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Doh! i just realized I missed you all, i even suggested the doug fir
in the first place.

Any other Radiant meetups planned this weekend?

Did you guys have a good time?



A great time was had by all. Feel free to IM me at this address or
find any of us around. I’ll be skipping (gasp) the first afternoon
session to hack on some Radiant stuff, I’ll probably hang out in the
dining room.