Rails command not working

I am a complete newb to Rails. I got it installed and it seemed to
work, as I went through the Curt Hibb tutorials, and even got something
working a bit on my own. I bought the Rails book and now the rails
command has stopped initializing projects for me. I don’t even begin to
understand how this thing is configured since I’m a Ruby as well as
Rails initiate. Short of reinstalling it all over again, any advice on
where I should look?

I’ve made sure that MySQL is running, and this is what I get when I run
it for the depot command.
[c:\dev\ruby\rails]rails depot
exists app/controllers
exists app/helpers
exists app/models
exists app/views/layouts
exists config/environments
exists components
exists db
exists doc
exists lib
exists lib/tasks
exists log
exists public/images
exists public/javascripts
exists public/stylesheets
exists script/performance
exists script/process
exists test/fixtures
exists test/functional
exists test/mocks/development
exists test/mocks/test
exists test/unit
exists vendor
exists vendor/plugins
identical Rakefile
identical README
identical app/controllers/application.rb
identical app/helpers/application_helper.rb
identical test/test_helper.rb
identical config/database.yml
identical config/routes.rb
identical public/.htaccess
identical config/boot.rb
identical config/environment.rb
identical config/environments/production.rb
identical config/environments/development.rb
identical config/environments/test.rb
overwrite script/about? [Ynaq]
force script/about
overwrite script/breakpointer? [Ynaq]
force script/breakpointer
overwrite script/console? [Ynaq]
force script/console
overwrite script/destroy? [Ynaq]
force script/destroy
overwrite script/generate? [Ynaq]
force script/generate
overwrite script/performance/benchmarker? [Ynaq]
force script/performance/benchmarker
overwrite script/performance/profiler? [Ynaq]
force script/performance/profiler
overwrite script/process/reaper? [Ynaq]
force script/process/reaper
overwrite script/process/spawner? [Ynaq]
force script/process/spawner
overwrite script/process/spinner? [Ynaq]
force script/process/spinner
overwrite script/runner? [Ynaq]
force script/runner
overwrite script/server? [Ynaq]
force script/server
overwrite script/plugin? [Ynaq]
force script/plugin
overwrite public/dispatch.rb? [Ynaq]
force public/dispatch.rb
overwrite public/dispatch.cgi? [Ynaq]
force public/dispatch.cgi
overwrite public/dispatch.fcgi? [Ynaq]
force public/dispatch.fcgi
identical public/404.html
identical public/500.html
identical public/index.html
identical public/favicon.ico
identical public/robots.txt
identical public/javascripts/prototype.js
identical public/javascripts/effects.js
identical public/javascripts/dragdrop.js
identical public/javascripts/controls.js
identical doc/README_FOR_APP
overwrite log/server.log? [Ynaq]
force log/server.log
overwrite log/production.log? [Ynaq]
force log/production.log
overwrite log/development.log? [Ynaq]
force log/development.log
overwrite log/test.log? [Ynaq]
force log/test.log

No depot directory is created though, so I don’t know what it is asking
me to overwrite. Weird. These are the versions of the gems I have
installed. I also have Ruby 1.8.2-15 installed. MySQL is 5.0. This is
all running on XP SP2.

[c:\dev\ruby\rails]gem list --local

*** LOCAL GEMS ***

actionmailer (1.1.3)
Service layer for easy email delivery and testing.

actionpack (1.11.0)
Web-flow and rendering framework putting the VC in MVC.

actionwebservice (0.9.3)
Web service support for Action Pack.

activerecord (1.13.0)
Implements the ActiveRecord pattern for ORM.

activesupport (1.2.3)
Support and utility classes used by the Rails framework.

fxri (0.3.2)
Graphical interface to the RI documentation, with search engine.

fxruby (1.4.3, 1.2.6)
FXRuby is the Ruby binding to the FOX GUI toolkit.

rails (0.14.3)
Web-application framework with template engine, control-flow layer,
and ORM.

rake (0.6.2)
Ruby based make-like utility.

sources (0.0.1)
This package provides download sources for remote gem installation

Any advice appreciated.

Are you sure there’s nothing created in [c:\dev\ruby\rails]? Check again
where you ran the rails.

Also, a running MySQL service is not required by the rails command. It
creates the necessary files and directory structure for the rails app.

“Jay K.” [email protected] wrote in
message news:[email protected]

virgild wrote:

Are you sure there’s nothing created in [c:\dev\ruby\rails]? Check again
where you ran the rails.

I have, several times. Unless it’s hidden (which I’ve run attrib -h on
everything) or for some reason it’s getting deleted (which no error
shows up).

Also, a running MySQL service is not required by the rails command. It
creates the necessary files and directory structure for the rails app.

I didn’t think so, but just to make sure.

Thanks for responding.