Rails-authorization plugin + rspec meaningful specs?


I’m working with the fabulous authorization_plugin and have got things
working pretty well.
I’m now going back and trying to write some meaningful specs for my
controller code.

My code has the following line:

class Controller
permit “developer of :app or appowner of :app”

my specs has the following code:

setup do
@user = mock_model(User, :user_id => 1)
@role= mock_model(Role, :name => ‘appowner’)
@roles = [@role]
@app = mock_model(App, :id => 1)

I’ve put both of the following lines in my specs, and both of these
specs pass. According to my understanding, one should pass and one
should fail.

controller.should_receive(:permit).with(‘developer of :app or appowner
of :app’).and_return(true)
controller.should_receive(:permit).with(‘developer of :app or appowner
of :app’).and_return(false)

Therefore, my understanding is incomplete. Would anyone be willing to
share a snippet of their code that illustrates how to write meaningful
rspecs using the rails-authorization plugin?

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